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Written on Monday, 10 March 2014

Compared to other teenagers, I really haven't had a long term relationship. I am not really passionate about 'love'. I cannot even get the real definition of love. Most importantly, the word itself can be defined and expressed in various way.

Back to what I am saying, I never had a long term relationship. Being in that place is too risky for me. I know it would not results me any harm to have a relationship with anyone, but to seek pleasure and joy of lives is not always have to put myself into risky circumstances. Relationship, for instance. I had been into that position, and I have already saw how terrifying love is; when our chemistry bonding is covalent. We share, we gain, we lose, but a slight distance cause us to get our separate ways.

As long as I can remember, I have never been afraid to being hurt as I always believe to every scenarios that occur in the movie. It is comical how I put myself there and act like ones who has been possessed by the movie.

Real life is completely not an objection for you to have, I might add.
Hence, I have put my guard and focused on things that would not (or never) cause me any pain.

Hence, I recently had a friend, a guy. He is quite a freshman. Undoubtedly kind and understanding. Fate has been written for us to be 'friends' and intimately close. I have known him in the past year. We had a closely awkward conversation, and that was of course lead us to so many things. Initially, I was not so keen to be his friend. At one main point, we had this constant conversation on BlackBerry Messenger and we have talked about our lives, our background. Reaching to that stage, I once again attempt to put myself into that risky position and retry to distinguish the fact. I put my expectation high off of the boundary. He rejected me with few of kind words that made me realize. He made me realize we are anonymous in real life. We have never met. We are only friends in the social network, but not facing each other in person. One day, we made a deal to meet personally. He insisted. I was delighted for the opportunity to met him after quite a long period we stay friend on social network. Our impressions are literally awkward. He glance a smile at me, and frankly, I can't help myself until I have to make myself a stupid confession. However, the day is quite prolonged for us to have such a great time knowing each other in person. I lost count how many times I have fallen myself for the wrong person, but not this time.